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Class Act Theatre School (CATS) teaches children and young people the performance skills involved in drama, singing, movement and theatre arts. Being a CATS member, however, is more far reaching than that as ‘life skills’, including confidence building, team work and mutual respect between staff and students, provide an excellent basis for our young people to grow. We encourage every child in our care to achieve their very best and in doing so, develop a lasting love of Theatre.

The CATS ethos is based on quality, fun, innovation, inclusiveness, loyalty, discipline and strong ensemble performances.

Overseen by respected Founder Principal Jill Williams, CATS is one of the most highly regarded theatre schools in South Wales. Kayte Walsh is the Principal of Neath and Baglan CATS and Gareth Mitchell the Principal of Cockett and West Cross CATS. Amber Williams directs the Pontardawe CATS students – you will very often see this strong, dynamic team of three supporting each other in classes and during Production preparations. All part of the CATS team work ethic!

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Latest News from CATS

Margam Rehearsal Weekend

Margam Rehearsal Weekend

04 February 2019

Swansea students will spend 3 days rehearsing for our upcoming production of Annie, putting the show together as a whole and making final tweaks...

Matilda Tour - Grand Theatre Swansea

Matilda Tour - Grand Theatre Swansea

01 February 2019

CATS students and their families are invited to go and see the professional Madagascar tour at Swansea’s Grand Theatre during the May half-term....

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