Class Act Theatre School Neath take the opportunity to become Mermaids for the day.

What an adventure! Members of CATS had the opportunity to join with Mermaid Adventures for a Mermaid themed day, organised by Paula Jarvis, Carol and Christopher Davies - some of our wonderful CATS parents. The morning comprised land-based experiences, with jewllery making, crosswords, colouring, face-painting and photographs with a 'real' mermaid - lots of fun was had by all! Our younger company members and their friends had an abundance of mermaid fun and were very excited to meet our wonderful mermaid and put on a tail for the photograph. There were lots of happy faces from children and parents.Group 2Summer and mermaidMeganAmy with tailAriels as mermaids

Our next installment of our Mermaid adventure was in the pool, two swimming groups had the opportunity to wear the tail and take a swim under the sea - well pool, but let’s imagine. Our budding Mermaids were taught how to embrace a mermaid swim and play a few games wearing the magnificent tails. As a spectator, it certainly looked a challenge but our CATS students and friends had a wonderful time. 

SophieSophie tail