Join us at the Taliesin Arts Centre for an all singing, all dancing night and see if Annie finally gets her happy ever after.

Step back with CATS Swansea to 1930’s New York as we follow the adventures of the brave and ever optimistic Annie. Meet our rowdy band of orphans and the precocious Annie as they experience the Great Depression and the “Hard Knock Life”. We follow Annie as she escapes the inebriated Miss Hannigan and finds herself alone in the Big Apple, but she’s ever positive that “the sun’ll come out tomorrow”. 

Her luck begins to change as she is invited to spend Christmas with Oliver Warbucks, the American billionaire. Life is on the up as she meets the famous Bert Healey and glamourous Boylan sisters and enlists the help of none other than American President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help find her real parents. Meanwhile, Miss Hannigan, her dastardly brother Rooster and his floozy, Lily St. Regis are hatching a plan to put a stop to Annie’s happy ending!

Join us to find out if Annie will get the Christmas gift she has always wanted, a new family!

Annie Orphan Singing Musical